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Corporate Print Solution

Outsource Your Printing Requirement

Outsource Printing: Is managing your print requirement hassle and annoying because it involves doing complicated task and needs a lot of effort?

The Idea of OUTSOURCING PRINTING JOBS became known few years back and today it has entered the mainstream of business. Print outsourcing vendors are expanding their offerings and many companies have acknowledged this concept to save time and energy. Certainly it helps them to make printing accountable as well as reduce their printing cost.

Needless to mention the expansion of business requirements are growing constantly and enterprises feel the need of offering wide range of information to the customers in the form of printouts. E-governance projects are gaining rapid momentum. Hence vendors are allowed to undertake the printing projects with security parameters.

Government of India, Sate governments and some big enterprises have already outsourced their printing requirements expressing their confidence upon the printing vendors.

At this junction VIJAY SALES has come-up with an offering of undertaking the printing requirements of organizations.

  • Use Recycled ProductsLet's Save Earth. We Have Nowhere Else To Go!


VIJAY SALES offers you a splendid scheme to outsource your printing jobs for 50 paisa per page with the following furnishes:

  • We make a thorough assessment of customer's print requirement and help them in transforming their entire print environment.
  • Printers will be installed and maintained by Vijay Sales at your site.
  • If the client wishes Vijay Sales arrange for supplying papers and other stationeries.
  • Vijay Sales will bear toner cost. Our own refilled/recycled toners will be supplied.
  • Vijay Sales ensures that every printer runs smoothly and delivers according to the need of the customer.
  • Vijay Sales will invoice you as per the total no. of printouts captured from printers.

In recent past we have proudly handled few OUTSOURCED PRINTING projects

01 Reliance Capital Limited We have supplied our printers and catering to the complete printing requirement of more than 50 branches of RELIANCE CAPITAL all over India.
02 Central Railway, Matunga More than 10 printers have been installed at Central Railway, Matunga, Mumbai division under our OUTSOURCED PRINTING SCHEME.
03 Maharashtra State Electricity Company Ltd, Vasai We have supplied printers and are fulling the PHOTO BILL PRINTINGrequirement at Vasai division of Maharashtra Electicity Board.


Director of Municipal Administration (SUDA)

Bulk Printing under Swarna Jayanti Sahari Yojana

Printed more than 12,00000 Pages within 3 months

    BPL (Below Poverty List) Printed more than 15,00000 pages


City Managers’ Association of Maharashtra

Composing, Printing and Binding of the quarterly Newsletter

350 copies