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TONER REFILLING: Adopt toner refilling Save up to 80% of your printing cost.

Just for Rs. 350/-*


Toner refilling is all about refilling empty laser printer toner cartridges with new toner powder. This enables the cartridge to be reused, saving the cost of a complete new cartridge and prevents the disposal of the old one too.

In many cases the replacement of new toner cartridges exceeds the cost of the laser printer. Hence refilling toner cartridges has become very popular and it has been adopted even by big entrepreneurs. Toner refill franchises have sprung up over the last few years to provide refilling services to customers. We are glad to inform you that today in Maharashtra state Vijay Sales has extended its premium toner refilling solution to hundreds of toner refilling aspirants.

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What are the Environmental reasons to refill cartridges?

Following are the environmental benefits of refilling the toner cartridges:

The production of toner powders and liquids does not contribute [[CO2]] to the environment other than that released from the electricity consumed in the production process and fuel for transportation.
The shipping of powders and refilling kits are more economical.
Refilling a toner cartridge conserves approximately 3.3 liters of oil and 1 gallon of petroleum as the cartridges are mostly made of plastic. What a tremendous need!
It also prevents 0.1 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere at the cost of manufacturing one toner.
It saves the earth from waste plastic fills as it takes thousands of years for the cartridge to decompose.

Toner and cartridge refilling is done worldwide. Vijay Sales has received tremendous response especially from those clients who are involved in bulk printings. In this procedure the empty toner is refilled and some parts are replaced and your toner is all set to give you the same results. Vijay Sales take all the necessary care not to hamper the lifespan of your printer. The raw materials provided by us are of superb quality. Vijay Sales had an assessment in this regard, where our clients save nearly 80% of their printing cost by adopting refilling method. Visit "Our Clients" page or click here to see their testimonials.

Toner and Cartridge Refilling: FAQs



Is toner refilling possible?

Refilling is 100% possible and is done everywhere across the globe by thousands of cartridge dealers. One thing I must say is, the dealer / individual need to be an expert in this art.


Does recharging/remanufacturing my ink or toner cartridge really save me money?

Yes certainly it save you a significant amount of money. Let's look at a popular toner cartridge Vijay Sales refill: HP Laser Jet 13A toner cartridge. This cartridge is priced Rs. 3200 by the retailer. If Vijay Sales refill this cartridge you pay only Rs. 400. This is saving 87.5%. (Includes only refilling, not replacement of parts)


Will refilling damage the efficiency of my printer?

If refilling is done professionally by experts with quality raw-materials, it will never damage your printer. We assure to give you 100% safe refilling, as the raw material that we use like powder, drum, pcr, bled are of superb quality.

How many pages can I get after refilling

Professionally refilled toners can print same pages as your original toner.


How many times can I refill my toner?

You can refill your original toner once or twice with original drum (an integral part of printer cartridge) and then the drum is changed and refilled again for 3 - 4 times. One toner is recommended for 20 - 25 refillings. In most of the cases it can be remanufactured forever. It also depends on the type of cartridge and how you use it.


How much time does it take to refill?

Refilling is done instantly by our representative. You just have to wait for 15-20 minutes for the refilling of single toner.


Will using a recycled toner cartridge void my warranty on my printer?

No manufacturer can legally require you to purchase toners exclusively from them. If you refill your old cartridge from a quality remanufacturer, it should perform exactly or the same or better than the original and it will not void the warranty. We are usually able to offer even better quality than the original manufacturer because of the technology that has evolved in our company.


How do I know my toner is over?

An empty toner, prints light or leaves white patch of non-printing area vertically on paper. Now it’s time to refill your toner


We are located out of Mumbai. Is toner refilling possible for us?

Certainly yes! Have a detailed conversation in this regard. 
There are issues like : 
Your location
Frequency of refilling
Mode of transportation
Hence if you are located out of Mumbai, to avail this service talk to our representative to let you know the possibilities