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Recycled Print Toners and Cartridges

Recycled Print Toners / Cartridges are as good as OEM's toners

New Print Cartridge is too expensive, isn't it?

Get OEM like Laser printing with 100% Money back guarantee*

Recycled / Refurbished Print Toners: Our Recycled/Refurbished print toners are as good as a OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridge. Ask for a demo product.

The ink/powder volume in print cartridges has changed gradually, strategically and dramatically at over time. All printer manufacturers have decreased the volume of ink and power. However the retail price has not decreased equally.

It has certainly helped the remanufacturing companies to have a hold over the recycled print cartridge business.

In the beginning, printer makers ignored recycled cartridges, but they have now become quite conscious about recycling process as it became a burning threat for the original equipment manufacturer. More than 50% of the printer users have been using remanufactured and compatible printer supplies and the number is expected to grow for many years to come.

Our Offer:

Vijay Sales offers you Recycled Ink Jet/Toner Cartridges which can be used instead of the new original cartridges. These cartridges have been carefully recycled to guarantee high quality and predictable performance. In the factory of Vijay Sales we take all precautionary measures and remove frictional parts to make your empty cartridge ready to use. The raw materials are of high quality which ensures 100% quality printing and safety.

Vijay Sales recycle these recycled Ink Jet/Toner cartridges for all the renowned brands.

  • Use Recycled ProductsLet's Save Earth. We Have Nowhere Else To Go!

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